Rent A Pet is here to help people connect with pets. We help people who don't own pets learn to love a pet. We also help pet lovers who cannot own pets but want to have pet, cuddle, romp or play time (did I leave something out?) with fantastic pets. We also help people who want companionship or the informal therapy that a pet can give unconditionally. Finally, we help people to take the first step to pet ownership.


The community moderator is the owner of a pet store and pet grooming business who saw a need to become more involved in the pet owning community. Our first step was to sponser a charity event that raised hundreds of dollars for Riverside, CA dog rescues. This event will be repeated annually, and we know it will grow and become more popular as a way for pet owners to help pet rescues in the great work they accomplish. Our next step was to facilitate adoptions for our customers who have family of friends that want to adopt a pet, or who want to replace a lost or deceased pet. But, we have always wanted to create a community of pet lovers in order to exchange information valuable to pet owners. We are looking for trusted sources on pet training, diet, and exercise. We want to explore the benefits of holistic health practices for animals, and also learn from traditional veterinary practices. this community is the perfect sprinboard for everyone who wants to love and care for a pet to learn and grow.


The Rent A Pet service was started to fill a void in the pet ownership world. Rent A Pet rewards owners for the love and care they have given their pets over the years. THIS IS THE ONLY PET BORROWING SERVICE THAT PAYS THE PET OWNERS, AND NOT THE BORROWERS! The reason is that our priorities are in the right place. At Rent A Pet we believe there is a greater value in pet companionship, than there is in the burden of pet ownership. In our connected society we rent our own cars to people, we rent our Sea-Doos, Fishing Boats, Yachts, Houoses, Cabins, skis, motorcycles. We do so because the renter of the item we own is willing to pay to enjoy the car, the boat, the cabin, the condo. At Rent A Pet this is our pledge: YOU OWN THE PET. Together, lets realize a part o fthe value you have invested in your property. The value of a pet is hidden in the loving, caring, nurturing environment a pet creates. Pets always love unconditionally. Even guard dogs risk their lives to protect and love you.  We build on this relationship of unconditional love beyond  our need to feed and shelter our pets. We make our pets a part of the family. We don't own our family members, but we own our pets. When our pets are with a stranger, just like with our chiuldren, or paretns, we worry or think we are being fruel to them. But pets can be encouraged to be independent and to socialize with people and animals outside of the immediate family. This is a way to love them, not to hurt them. Rent A Pet encourages these relationships and all pet borrowers, their homes and their animals are pre-screened. Likewise, pet renters and their animals are pre-screened. We want to make sure we are a community of pet lovers, and not just a business for independent contractors.


Our community is accessible in three ways. Pet lovers can register as lenders or borrowers. They pay a yearly membership fee, it gives membership to the entire pet community, and a monthly activity fee. Pet borrowers pay a daily fee to pet owners. Pet borrowers are free to borrow a different pet on a different day, or keep a loved animal for a week or more. Members of the community only pay the yearly fee and have free access to browse available pets in our community. They can read product recommendations, read articles on various pet health and welfare topics, ask and receive information from the community bulletin board, and subscribe to pet related blogs. Community members are free to purchase products and services from vendors, including feed and care products, grooming products and services, pet sitting services, and veterinary services. Community members are invited to become lenders or borrowers at any time. 


Please enjoy what we are doing for you as a pet lover and or owner! Together, we can create a pet lovers community rich and invaluable for every lender, borrower, and community member- a real family like experience!